About LiveCode Game Developer

Scott McDonald is the LiveCode Game Developer. With a name that is common in many English speaking countries he is sometimes confused online with a soccer player or other computer geeks, although as far as he can tell none of them develop software with LiveCode.

Scott is a fervent coder who is tool agnostic, but recognises the brain multiplying power of a language like LiveCode. Scott has used LiveCode to power desktop applications, software run from web servers, and code libraries for mobile devices. Like some (many?) software coders he thinks he has a great idea for his own mobile app that you may see next year.

But here his attention is focused on games. Except for some of the tricky mathematical stuff like normalising vectors and calculus for rigid bodies, he reckons he knows a thing or ten about writing game related code. So LiveCode Game Developer is a place for that knowledge to be shared.

Making games can be fun and rewarding so if the content here inspires you to use LiveCode to make a game, no matter how simple, (or complex) then LiveCode Game Developer has done good. Perhaps your future in indie game development awaits.


Legal Stuff

All blog posts are copyright and cannot be re-used without permission. But all the code and scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use such code and scripts in any way you want, but I am not responsible if they don't work for you.


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