Calling All LiveCode Game Developers

Posted by Scott McDonald

No game to present today. Instead an invitation to join I am convinced that LiveCode is a fantastic platform for developing casual and indie games for both the desktop and mobile platforms. A language that allows you to re-use core gameplay code regardless of the platform you are targeting, that is seriously cool. You can even use the same LiveCode language to power your back-end logic if your game needs to communicate with a web server, player stats, for instance. One language for all your code adds up to efficient coding, and a finished game sooner. I will stop there, lest I attract the title of fanboy.

While setting up this blog, it was clear that there needs to be a place that allows you to post and share ideas and contributions. Not everyone with knowledge and opinions to share wants to run their own blog.

Sure, there's groups on Facebook and Google+ but they are best for short announcements and links to other content on the web. Content posted in those places is behind a "wall". Resources on Facebook and Google+ cannot easily (if at all) be accessed via the major search engines, so anything there is hidden from the wider web.

So enter Some reasons to join are:

  • You want to make games and would like a place with a growing number of tutorials and tips on doing it with LiveCode.
  • Would like a venue to post short or long articles about your game making adventures, but don't have the time (or need the pressure!) of maintaining your own coder's blog.
  • You found a fantastic web page related to game programming, and want a place to share the link.
  • You made or are making a game written in LiveCode that you want to present and get feedback on.

My vision is for to be the visible face of game development with LiveCode. It has a voting system to determine what appears on the Home page. Currently, it will increase later, a submission requires a minimum of 2 up votes for a contribution to appear on the Home page. By registering and getting an account, you can up and down vote each article. Voting is a way of acknowledging a helpful article and increases the visibility of it. Voting will maintain the quality of the content at over time.

Ultimately, this is a community run site and it will be the members who make it the "go to" address for information about LiveCode and games.

Hope to see you there.

Happy LiveCoding.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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