Coding Nine LiveCode Games

Coding Nine LiveCode Games is the eBook from the LiveCode Game Developer. It is a compilation of the game articles from this site and 3 new LiveCode games:

  • Tower Jump
  • Doctor Eliza
  • Lunar Lander

Plus the special bonus of access to the full source code of the innovative 3D raycasting demo:

  • 3D Spider Hunt

Coding Nine LiveCode Games is a PDF eBook so you can freely install and copy it onto all devices you own. Below is the cover and the contents page. Click on the image for more sample pages from the book.

Each chapter is not a tutorial. Instead complete game code is presented with an explanation of what is happening. If you don't know the difference between a command and function or what a parameter is, you will learn by pulling apart and studying the working code, while covering the LiveCode basics from other resources.

This book demonstrates how arcade, platform, puzzle, text adventure, and 3D isometric games can be constructed in LiveCode with surprisingly small amounts of code. While it does not teach you how to design games from scratch, each chapter includes suggested improvements that could be made to extend and improve the code, increasing understanding and stimulating your game ideas.

You can have a lot of fun playing just one more game of Tertis or Tower Jump, knowing that you have the LiveCode stacks for these games, to analyse and use as the starting point of your unique version of these classic games.

To keep costs down this is self-published and only available from the LiveCode Game Developer.
At only $9.99, Coding Nine LiveCode Games is priced for everyone with an interest in LiveCode.

For less than the cost of a movie ticket, (around 100 minutes of entertainment) you can own this book.

A must-have for all LiveCode developers looking for ideas and examples of good code technique.


Coding Nine LiveCode Games eBook
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